Jeff Brice

Music Composer and Storyteller

Bit-182 »

I just released a web page for my pet project “Bit-182”. It is a Chiptune tribute to “Blink-182”.

Currently there are 3 of 9 songs completed with more on the way!

Check it out and feel the punk flow through you :3

"Kosa" has been Released! »

My first official game “Kosa” has just been released as part of the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest. 

The game and the soundtrack can be downloaded for free on the contest page. If you play it, and like it, please vote for it and share it with anyone else who you think might enjoy playing it. 

Today is the first match in the Tumblr vs Reddit TF2 showmatch series.
I will be playing Heavy with the Reddit West team. It would mean a lot to me if you would watch the livestream. All the support that I can get would be amazing 

You can watch it on the eXtv Twitch Channel, starting today at 7PM

30 Day RPG Development Challenge - Day 6

Because I started 5 days ago and just thought to make posts about it.

When you have so little time to finish a project like this you need to hit the ground running. Prototype and get a shell of a game running and then go back to make your story fit.

Game Development is a process that requires iteration. Each and every element is tested, fixed and reworked endlessly. Usually this iterative process doesn’t end until the game is released. Developers and designers are often perfectionists which is why short challenges like this and 48 hour game jams were created. To fuel the search for new ideas, a chance to stretch your creative legs. 

On this project, I’ve already created the basics of what my game will be. My character can walk around the world and can interact with some basic events. A few combat sequences and some temp art/music populate the universe of my game.  At this point, I can step back and refine the idea. 

What is the inciting incident going to be? What will my character have to overcome? Will it be dramatic? Introspective? Action packed?

These are all questions that need to be answered but not all of them can. With such a short time to complete the project sacrifices must be made. Knowing me, I will need more time to iterate through code and scripts in order to fix bugs and playtest. 

By Monday, I should have a completed story document and can proceed to working on Art Assets and Level Design. After that is complete, my focus will shift to Battle Scripting and then Audio. 

30 DAY RPG Development Challenge

I’ve just started developing an RPG for the “2014 Indie Game Maker Contest”. Starting 5 days ago, developers are tasked with creating a game in one of two catagories, RPG and non-RPG. These games can’t take more than an hour to play through and have to be fully developed by June 30th.

I’ll be posting my progress every few days. Here goes nothing!